Exun 2012

Exun Clan organized it’s 17th Annual Inter-School Computer Symposium, Exun 2012, partnered by Intel. Exun 2012 was held on 10th and 11th November, 2012.  . As these days our school(MONTFORT) does not provide with transportation I had to reach keshav puram metro station by 7:45. As usual i was over punctual, i reached there at 7:23 ! I waited for half an hour when Prince,Jazer and Karan came. It took an hour to reach RK Puram.From the metro station we took an auto rikshaw to DPS. On the way I hit on a conversation with driver(I sat in front with the driver).

He- “Kaha se aiye ho?” 

(I was in a humorous mood)

I- ” Bihar se!”

(He gave me a surprised glance)

He – “Mein puch raha hun ki aap dilli mein kaha se aaye ho?”

I – ” DU” 

He – “ohh…waha jaha pe prufessor log pada te hain…aur student log padte hein?”

I – ” han haan wahi jaga “(Dude – how are you so brilliantly brainy??)

He- “Sahab , mein to bahut dur se aaya hoon……..”

I – “kahan se”

He – “Iraq se”

( That is the reason his face seemed so familiar when i boarded the auto….must have seen him in some “WANTED” list. I thought please don’t shoot me, If u do so,my friends at the back will make you eat silicon.)

(I looked back, the three were giggling like they were having a nice kitty party!Before i could comment the driver piped up)

He- Aa gaya DPS

We gave him 40 bucks and entered the school. We were the first school to register….. Here i would like to make a note that schools like DPS and Modern have a different class.Though ,for them publishing a magazine would not be big,our school can never think of it cause the authority does not co-operate with us. So, after waiting for an hour the inauguration started. The intro-video was good,innovative and genuine.

After that we went to our respective events. Suddenly I panicked cause I realized that I did not have a partner. Then suddenly i remembered Douglas Adams and thought “DONT PANIC” So I took Prince(A great web designer of our school) with me as his event was in the afternoon.In both quizzes we did okay-okay(SQ,JQ). But in the crossword our hopes were really  high cause we scored 13 out of 20. (No offence against Prince,he was not prepared)I answered all of them. But the cut-off was 14!!!

* So I conclude by saying that Exun is a great event which is very workable ( not to difficult and not too easy)[Good refreshments-dominoes pizzas!]

* But our school were adjudged as the runners up for the Web Designing. Participants were :Prince Mathew and Karan Uppal !


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