When I woke up

The last sensation I could feel was me falling down the cliff into the deep abyss below me . A weird sensation it was . Hopelessness and Fear groped me by my throat and I knew my end was near . That’s when I realized , how important my existence was for the whole human race . Without my blog posts , people were sure to die . But i couldn’t help it . Death was looking at my face , and vise versa . I died .

It was a group of kabadiwallas who found me in the garbage dump outside my house after 2 years .  Long time !


So Basically I am back , and i would like to inform my followers that I will try my best to be consistent regarding my posts .The last time I wrote a post was when i was not even a teenager . So I have deleted all the immature kiddish stuff . I have kept some of them though .  It might be hard to believe that on a particular day i got 93 views from even countries other than India(record of mine). Hope to get your support again !



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