FIFA World Cup 2014

Any blogger would want to have a grand comeback . I am no exception . But as any other tom dick and harry , i have problems choosing topics for posts . I am not one of those people who are gizmo freaks , those who write the reviews after each and every release . That too is a difficult task , but I write common lay-man related interest-posts .

So what can I write about ? Umm , Something grand , something spectacular ? Something every person is eagerly waiting for ? Viola . 5 more days left , for the most magnificent event of the year : FIFA World Cup ! The biggest single-event sports competition on Earth is set to kick off once again. This time it is being hosted in none other than the “Land of Parrots” ; Brazil ! According to statistics , soccer is the most popular sport in the world with 3.3-3.5 billion fans all around the Europe, Africa, Asia, Americas, etc. With 16 mind blowing teams , 64 breathtaking matches , 6 continents  ,  it will all end up in an exciting final on the 13th of July, 2014 in Rio De Janiero .


2k14 WC

Fuleco , a Brazilian armadillo has been named as the official mascot for the event . The name Fuleco is a portmanteau of the words “Futebol” (“Football”) and “Ecologia” (“Ecology”).


The Adidas ‘Brazuka” has been officialy declared as the match ball of WC . Brazuka literally means Brazillian . Rumour has it that it is the most tested adidas ball in history. It was, over a two-and-a-half-year period, tried out by over 600 of the world’s top players or former players including Casillas, Dani Alves, Messi,  Schweinsteiger and  Zidane.


Two anthems have been sung , namely “We are One” by Pitbull which has more than 43 million views on YouTube though viewers  there and beyond have given Pibullt a hard time, suggesting the song is not of World Cup caliber . The second one is “La La La” by Shakira which is a version of the single “Dare (La La La)” from her recent self-titled album. The World Cup remix features the charismatic Carlinhos Brown, known for his creative approach to Brazilian roots music.

Now leaving all that boring shit , I would like to put some light on the ‘interesting’ aspects . Firstly , everybody has been talking about the disappointing news regarding the upcoming tournament , may it be Wales and Sweden not qualifying  ruling out the possibility of Bale and Ibra not playing ( Two of the most popular players in the footballing circuit ) , or the temporary injuries of Suarez,Ribery and Cr7 . It is fun watching all the pre-discussions and arguements amongst fan about these news . Secondly , it has been a traditional habbit of all the fans to speculate about the top contenders . I have reasons to say that the top 3 contenders are Spain , Brazil and Germany .

1. Spain 


The defending champions are yet again looking very strong with a magnificent team of young talented players with all those tactical old time elites .  They have a strong defense lineup with Ramos,Pique and Alba leading , while the midfield is simply phenomenal – Iniesta , Xavi , Cazorla, Mata, David Silva,Xabi Alonso,Fabregas and Koke. Lastly they have a decent attack led by Torres and Villa . Overall , I would like to say that , it has a great chance of winning , with a perfect team during this situation.

Players to watch out for : Juan Mata, Sergio Ramos, Gerrard Pique.


The Samba boys will be looking forward to perform in their home soil . With a young team , and after winning the Confederations Cup the previous year , they seem to be a very promising side indeed . They will look forward to fulfill the expectations of the fans , due to their glorious past .

Players to watch out for : Oscar , Neymar , David Luiz .


Germany lie third in the all-time world football ranking with three FIFA World Cup triumphs, behind only Brazil on five and Italy on four. As always , the German team is packed with stars which may be their key problem ; team chemistry . They are known for their tactical and aggressive game , which may prove to be a bit unpredictable on the Brazilian soil ,where dribbling is more essential than aggression . The injury of Reus may bring disappointment to German supporters , though the German midfield is still very strong .

Players to watch out for : Manuel Neuer , Mesut Ozil , Toni Kroos .

Besides these teams , many other countries like Belgium,Italy,France, Portugal and Argentina are predicted to perform well . The match timings are a bit awkward for the countries in South East Asia . But timings are timings , those who are soccer freaks will surely watch . It will indeed be a very exiting World Cup this time . At the end , I would like to say , nothing is sure . It is not the will to win , but the will to prepare to win , and to survive during those nail-biting finishes, which gives a team an edge. Football is unpredictable which makes it very special . Hope for the best ! And dont miss the opening ceremony , it is going to be spectacular !



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